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Victoria Milan Review — How Does It Work?

Victoria Milan Review — How Does It Work?
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick&Simple registration;
  • Anonymous experience;
  • Safety;
  • Great activity;
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free accounts have a lot of restrictions;
  • Scammers;
  • The lack of photos.

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Victoria Milan is a project created by the collaboration of two famous companies—Digisec Media Limited and RichMeetBeautiful. The main idea of this site is an anonymous and secure dating service for married couples, cheating partners, and those who already bored with usual everyday sex.

You don’t have to worry about being revealed without your will. This site has a special tool to blur your face. It provides the most confident searching process for a match. Moreover, if you are afraid of getting caught because you have a little personal space, the Panic button can be used. Or maybe you just like risky moments? However, your securityis appreciated by the service, and up-to-date technologies are used to keep you safe.

A lot of members from all over the world with different life situations and marital status are already registered. We are not here to judge, discuss the moral side of this project, or to PR the discreet dating,but to provide all the facts that might be interesting and useful. Are you ready to discover all the pros and cons of the platform? Let’s jump into in.

Everything About Members

Everything About Members

Since this site specialized in anonymous dating, there is no point in sharing general information about its members. Though, it should be mentioned that a great number of users are already registered so you won’t be low on options. There are different types of personalities, but they all have something in common. These people look for new sexual experiences: it could be a married one, a couple, or a single person.

What Are the Site’s Aims?

VictoriaMilan serves for many purposes, which makes it hard to define the real specification. Of course, the main aim is to provide members with an opportunity to find someone for any kind of romantic interaction anonymously. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use this platform for friendly texting or something like that.

The Geography Of Users

The «parents» of today’s platform are known for their international orientation. That brings a lot of new users every day. The total amount of members is almost 7 million. The site is available in the USA, UK, Norway, Germany, France, and more.

Ethnic Structure — Does It Matter?

Of course, not! There are hookup sites that specialize in Asian people only, for example. But you may feel free to be anyone here. Your cultural values, beliefs, habits, nationality — everything is welcome. The only thing you should think about is how to find a perfect match.

The Average Age of Users

You must be at least 18 to join VictoriaMilan. There are no other limits regarding the age. It makes the community extremely varied in its age range.

How Many FemalesAre There?

Unfortunately, no accurate statistics of the gender proportion is available due to the anonymous system. But you can be 100% sure to find a suitable partner to satisfy your desires, whatever they are.

Sexual Orientation

The variety of options is incredible. You can find committed, single, married people, and no one hiding it. On the contrary, thousands of users have an interest in some specific status. Although this great variety is only for heterosexuals – the gays can enjoy only the «man-man» or «woman-woman» option. Guess it’s more about technical issues, and the site is going to add some options later.

Joining Victoria Milan

Joining Victoria Milan

To begin using the site, you should register first. It’s not possible to enjoy the site’s features without an account. The good news is that’s free of charge and takes just a couple of minutes. Like on any other adult dating sites, you can either keep using your free account with limited possibilities or buy a premium one.

Filling In the MostEssential Information

First of all, you have to enter your email address needed for verification. Users that have not verified their email addresses don’t have access to the site. Next, you will ask to set a password and think up your nickname. After that, you will suggest choosing some tags and your dating interests to increase success chances. Photos are not obligatory but highly recommended, even though you can blur them.

How to GetVerified?

The verification process is very simple. You will receive an email with instructions to complete the procedure and begin yourjourney. To enhance confidentiality, you can create a separate email address for such purposes.

Time It Takes to Get Approved

Once you have done everything, you will immediately become a new member of Victoria Milan. As was mentioned, the entire procedure can be done very quickly, with no complications.

Victoria Milan Account — the Inner View

Victoria Milan Account — the Inner View

The main thing about cheating sites is keeping your data confidential. It’s extremely important because secret affairs are closely connected with risks. You are the only one who decides whether your details can be shown to a particular person or not. AnonymousBlur tool can be used for making your photo unrecognizable until you want to reveal it. However, there is some information that is available for others, and it’s the list of possible locations for the potential matches. It helps both sides in making their meeting as soon as possible. Almost all profiles on this website have a complete structure and lots of filled details.

Victoria Milan Profiles and Their Content

The profile is divided into five blocks. The first one contains your general details, such as profile pic, nickname, location, age, and a short introduction. Also, you can find a button that allows you to start chatting with members.

In the second block, you can find a more accurate description of a person: appearance, lifestyle, habits, and so on. The next part is supposed to tell about your preferences. What is your weakness? Maybe those who are married and looking for a cheating opportunity? Or it’s not the choice of yours? It’s good to know each other’s tastes before you finally meet because it saves a lot of time.

The fourth block allows you to point out everything from the previous one in your own words. Maybe you want to add something or explain. Write everything you want in a free manner. The last section is mostly for the matchmaking system. Bunch of filters that you can apply to make the search results better. We’ve collected good advises for those who want to make their profile unique and interesting:

  • Be informative. The information you provide should be easy to understand at the very first sight. Messy profiles without a good structure are ignored sometimes.
  • Get rid of negative vibes. No one likes a negative mood, so it’s better to attract people’s attention by creating a good atmosphere.
  • Complete your page. Empty blocks are not attractive.Thus, it lowers the number of matches you can have. Unlike other married dating sites, you can select the most suitable tags from the preset list to describe yourself better. These little tips can help you in gaining popularityfast.
  • Keep your information trustworthy. By submitting false details, you are misleading others, which is nothing but a waste of time. You don’t want to get into the situation when a hot chick turns out to be a different person. Honest profiles are equally needed for both partners.
  • Don’t forget about the etiquette. Manners are always important. Being nice and romantic plays a big role in succeeding, especially if it comes to women because almost every female likes to speak with a guy who can share his emotions and make a good compliment.

Victoria Milan Searching Process

Victoria Milan Searching Process

Searching is an inalienable part of sex dating sites, for sure. It gives you the possibility of finding as many matches as you want. The search itself is a tool that excludes inappropriate profiles from the total number of accounts based on various filters. The number of available criteria allows you to find an ideal match. However, there are two types of search: simple and advanced. The first one is available for every new member, while the advanced can be used by premium only.

If you have just created an account, you can start searching for a match using a special tool. There are two filters that you can use: age and distance. It’s a bit sad but rather fair. Those options are enough to understand how Victoria Milan works.

For those who have a premium account, a lot of filters are available. You can sort pages by interests, marital status, age, location, gender, body type, hair, and so on. It makes everything way easier than it was. This aspect can be considered as a good point to purchase a subscription.

How Does This “Tinder for Married”Work?

How Does This “Tinder for Married” Work?

When you have finally set up your profile, got prepared, and searched for some suitable accounts, you are now ready to “light tinder for married.” And this is the moment you should decide whether you want to move forward or not. Things are getting more serious, and you can’t continue without paying because communication tools have a lot of restrictions. Standard members can only browse profiles, send winks, and add people you liked to the favorites. That is not what you probably want from married dating services. You are here to broaden your sexual horizons, which is pretty complicated without means of communication.

Completed profiles request any missing information from someone’s profile. If a user has blank fields, you can use the «Ask» button to knowmore. You will receive a notification when your question is answered.

Means Of Communication

Well, what is considered a communication method? First of all, of course, messages. You can send and receive them to/from other premium members. They are saved into different folders:All, Currently Online,and Unread messages.

The next thing is Chatbox, located on the right side. You can send some quick reactions through it,for example, a wink or a gift. As for gifts, it’s not a secret that you can easily flatter someone with a little present. Gifts bought for credits can be earned by purchasing a subscription plan. A 6-month package comes with 500 credits.Meanwhile, a 12-month subscription can bring you 1,000.

Winks are supposed to show your interest. It’s like bait for others’ attention. Winks considered being a good initial step for discreet hookups. Moreover, they are available to everyone. But only premium accounts have access to the list of members who sent them winks.

How Does Chat Look Like?

The chat itself is not something unique or special. Choose one of the members that will suit you more right now, click the message button, and start a conversation. Everything is in your hands since that very moment. The interface is simple and has a nice design. There are no outstanding features such as video chat, for example.

Is Victoria Milan Safe to Use?

Is Victoria Milan Safe to Use?

Among all dating sites for married people and similar services, Victoria Milan did a great job of creating a safe place for all its members. They put a good effort into making this service as anonymous as it’s possible. Such dedication to the site’s members is impressive. So, it’s absolutely safe to use this platform. However, you must follow some rules to avoid problematic situations, such as meeting IRL, which is not under the site’s control and responsibility.

Personal Information Is Confidential

All your personal data cannot be shared with third parties without special permission. Only a lawsuit or your willing are considered as a reason to disclose your personal information.

Online safety can be guaranteed by implementing high-level security standards. The site uses 256-bit encryption, Norton by Symantec, web services provided by Amazon, and SSL Trust. You can be sure that you are fully protected.


This website caters for people married but looking for a sex trip or little erotic journey. That’s why it’s essential to ensure good conditions and create a trustful community. Accounts are mandatorily verified and checked by moderators;suspicious profiles are not ignored as well. If you have noticed something inappropriate, you can submit a report.

Although a lot of things are done to ensure the security of the site, scammers are still real. Due to the simplicity of the registration, many accounts happen to be fake. You must be careful and obey the Terms of Use and safe tips. Do not share personal data and financial information with people you don’t know yet. Check their verification as well.

Preventive Measures onVictoria Milan

For all accounts that misbehave orviolate the requirements, strict measures are applied. If it’s the first time you are breaking the site’s rules, your account will be locked for 1 hour. 24-hour ban is used for the second time. And if you got caught red-handed once more, your account will be deleted.

Support Team

The Victoria Milan review cannot be complete without taking a support team into consideration. Of course, it is doing its job 24/7 for you. Such a vast community requires a lot of effort to solve their inquiries. The site has a well-designed Help Page with numerous answers to the most common questions. Also, you can either send an email using the address given on that page or submit a request via the website. The response won’t make you wait for too long.

User Experience and Impressions

User Experience and Impressions

Talking about the usability of the Victoria Milan dating site, everything seems to be okay:pleasant design, intuitive interface, and so on. However, some nuances should be mentioned. First of all, the website seems to be overloaded sometimes. For example, the starting page has too much information, so it requires a little time to find a map of the site at its bottom. The second thing is, perhaps, the size of everything on the page — it’s quite big!

Still, it’s good, although it’s very similar to other dating services. Some may consider it as an advantage. We have already observed messages, the search, and gifts. The last thing that is not discussed yet is your activity and others’ activitytowards you:check the visitors of your page, received and sent winks, and interaction with Favorites.

Victoria MilanApp For Your Gadget

Android, as well as iOS, owners, can enjoy the experience of using the Victoria Milan application for smartphones. This «hookup app» has the same design as the mobile version of the site: 3 tabs at the bottom, general features — on the left side. Do what you want to do and wherever you want. But remember that the mobile app doesn’t have Panic button, which is used to quickly switch you to some safe site.

Membership Options

Similar to other dating site for married people, there are two possible variants for you. You can be a free standard member or with premium status. As always, a premium account broadens your horizons and possibilities.

What Can You Do with the Free Victoria MilanAccount?

A list is rather short, frankly saying. You can:

  • Create a profile
  • Usestandardsearch
  • Send winks
  • Use Favorites
  • View profilepics


Premium accounts are so much better than basic ones; here’s what you can do:

  • Messaging
  • Gifts
  • Notifications
  • View recen tactivity<
  • Credits
  • Advancedsearch
  • Also, you can browse private photos— exclusive images can attract more people.

Victoria Milan Actual Prices

If you decide to go big in polygamy dating, choose one of the plans and continue using the site to its maximum:

  • 3-month plan — $149.97 ($49.99/month)
  • 6-month plan — $239.94 ($39.99/month)
  • 12-month plan — $359.88 ($29.99/month)

Longer terms are more profitable, as you can see. So you’d better think twice before the purchase.

How Victoria Milan Subscription Can BeCancelled?

How Victoria Milan Subscription Can BeCancelled?

Every member has a legitimate right to terminate his/her Premium Subscription at any time without answering why. If your initial period didn’t finish, you would be charged for the cost of the chosen plan. Select the appropriate option from the settings.

Canceling a subscription doesn’t delete your account. To delete it, simply send an email to the company’s email address, which is located on the «Contact Us» page.

Final Words

Without considering the moral side of the «married hookup» phenomenon, it should be noticed that Victoria Milan has a lot of advantages. If you are looking for such a service, you can try this one with no doubts:all safe, reasonable prices, and a lot of good features that are not typical for other similar platforms. If you haven’t made your decision yet, you can check other Victoria Milan reviews, but you won’t find a better one, trust us.

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