UkraineDate Review: An Online Dating Platform for Men Worldwide

UkraineDate Review: An Online Dating Platform for Men Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 350 000
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Real Ukrainian women
  • It is an online platform
  • Users can block desired profiles easily
  • Fast sign-up process
  • No ads
  • User-friendly website
  • Can sign-in through Facebook
  • Premium members can only start conversations
  • Video calling available only for premium members
  • Premium membership is quite expensive
  • Filtering or narrowing down users can be a bit time-consuming
  • The app has fewer features than the website
  • More Ukrainian men users than female users
  • No verification process required.

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People nowadays have gotten so busy and indulged in their work, professional careers that meeting a potential date has become a thing of the past. In such times, online dating platforms come to the rescue, finding suitable matches for people worldwide and pairing them with just the touch of a screen. Out of all Ukraine dating sites, this one is one of the most trusted names in the online match-making industry, where men from all over the world can match females of Ukrainian origin and find a suitable female partner to date.

Dating a Ukrainian female is nothing but a ray of hope, a sort of fantasy that many can only consider given the sheer beauty and elegance of the kind. This platform helps that fantasy transform into reality by giving its users a medium to potentially date women through an online platform that is legitimate and backed by Cupid Media, an established organization with more than 30 individual websites of similar intent under its care.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Since it is an online dating platform, where the women user profiles are based in and around Ukraine, the audience is a mix of men belonging to a plethora of ethnicities which make up to 85% of the platform’s total members. Many male and female members on Ukrainian dating sites, apart from dating, are also interested in pursuing a long term relationship. Past users of this dating site have also found their better halves. Many users who met through Ukraine date are currently in long-term relationships. Some are even married; hence the audience varies a lot based on their intentions and willingness to commit.

Is There Any Specification?

This site revolves around finding suitable Ukrainian girls to date and potentially marry. Men worldwide can sign-up on the website or app and choose amidst multiple female Ukrainian profiles as per their wants and requirements. Since most of the platform users are men, if a female user wants to find suitable matches with Ukrainian girls, there is an abundance of possibilities and options to surf through and choose from.

Geographical Structure of the Site

Users flock on this platform from all over the world, looking for women of Ukrainian origin. Frequent visitors on the site are usually from Ukraine, the United States, Turkey, Germany, and France. Anybody in the whole full world can access this site and reap its benefits.


Love doesn’t differentiate based on skin color or the place of one’s origin; love is one of the only emotions in the world that treats everybody equally and uplifts them. People belonging to almost all ethnicities interested in seeking women and potentially getting into a relationship with them can be found on the Ukraine date. All ethnicities and races are welcome here, sign-up, choose and match gorgeous women and girls.

Age Distribution of Users

The website brings people of all ages together; the minimum accepted age group to become a member is 18, which goes up to 99. This online dating platform’s sole purpose is not just to promote fling culture and hook-ups but to initiate a series of intense feelings and emotions between people of the opposite sex, creating a bond between them that goes on for an extended period. Hence most users on the platform vary between ages 26-45, looking for Ukrainian women probably belonging to the same age group. From 26 to 45 is the perfect age for people to start settling down in their lives, romantically, and find a suitable partner with whom they can spend the rest of their lives.

User’s Sexual Orientation

Users who sign-up on the site to match female Ukrainian beauties are, mostly men from all over the world. The main motive behind this dating site’s running is intentional and mainly focuses on finding Ukrainian origin females for men to date and match with. Vice versa, hence doing justice to its name – Ukraine date, which is very area specific. Furthermore, in general, there are times when women get attracted to others of the same sex, hence having the perfect platform to get in touch with each other and form a relationship. Therefore, most of the audience on the platform belongs to the male sex, but female sex instances are part of this audience and indulge in their desires. This website works as a Ukraine cupid among its users.

Getting started: UkraineDate’s sign-up process & log-in info

Getting started: UkraineDate’s sign-up process & log-in info

Signing up on the website is relatively easy and a brief process. All a user needs to do to open the website is to click on this link- https://www.Ukrainedate.com, and once the website is live, click on the ‘View Singles Now’ tab right on the front page. This leads the user to a transient sign up form consisting of fundamental questions about the user’s name, gender, age, and preference. To make things even less time consuming, users can sign up through their Facebook account as well; the website won’t post anything on behalf of the company on to the user’s Facebook profile.

Once the formal registration is complete, the user needs to upload pictures of themselves, to create a more appealing profile. This step, too, can be completed through Facebook. The app lets the user choose which picture they prefer putting up on their profile through Facebook. Post this, and the users are exposed to a gallery of Ukrainian women dating to potentially match. Since the users haven’t set up any personal preferences yet, finding a match could get quite challenging without it. Users can improve their chances of getting matched by filling out their profiles further and adding things to their profiles that they find interesting and attractive.

Basic Information to Provide

The users need not worry about spending a lot of time making a profile since the users are asked a minimal number of questions to get through to the website and start exploring their potential matches. The information asked on the registration page is:

  • the user’s name,
  • their gender,
  • the gender they are interested in, basically their sexual preference,
  • their respective E-mail Ids and
  • a reliable password to the user’s account

All of these steps mentioned above can be skipped if the user chooses to register through Facebook. The Ukraine dating algorithm can copy their personal information and automatically relieve the users of this burden. Since it is an online dating site, a virtual medium and profile pictures of users play a crucial part in making the first impression on potential matches. Although the user doesn’t need to provide their profile picture on the Ukraine date website, it is always recommended that other users make sure that they like what they see and can differentiate genuine profiles from the fake ones.

How Can You Verify?

Users can start browsing the website as soon as they are done with the registration process. There are no criteria or any requirements necessary to verify your profile via e-mail account or text message. A profile can somewhat be called verified when a user registers through their Facebook account.

Time Taken for Approval

Since there is no process for verifying genuine profiles, there is a very brief time gap between registering on the site and using it. The registration process hardly takes up a minute or two, and the user is all ready to find their potential match with Ukrainian women in no time. It is a very time-efficient process.

UkraineDate: Application Account

UkraineDate: Application Account

The platform has a mobile application that goes by the same name and operates with the same intent of finding suitable females of Ukrainian origin for men worldwide to match with and have a potential relationship. Although the mobile version of the website is only available for android users, which is being worked upon by technicians currently; hence, iPhone users may still have to login through the platform’s website portal to use the Ukraine dating sites.

Mobile application or website, all features of the Ukrainian dating site remains the same, giving all users the same experience and options regardless of their user device.

UkrianeDate: Structure of Profiles

User profiles on the platform are simple, catchy, and informative. Once the user registers and enters the website, he/she is required to make their profiles with the most basic yet necessary information to find exactly what they are looking for. The user’s profile picture covers the most space on this profile, and next to it, is personal information about the user that helps flaunt their personalities. This area consists of the user’s name with their age next to it, a personal bio, one of the most crucial aspects of online dating. A bio provides a crucial first taste of one’s personality and a meeting point for potential conversation. Next are the user’s gender and age preference, followed by their recent activity on the platform- whether the user is online and when the user lasts online.

If a user wishes to fill more about their personality, they can answer simple questions available on this Ukrainian dating platform’s website. Answering these questions can help flaunt and express the user’s personality and needs and personalize it for the better. Lastly, verifying one’s profile is a go-to option to shine brighter than the rest and be seen as trustworthy and genuine. The user just needs to upload any official government document, whichever they are comfortable with, to the website, or even e-mail the document to the company’s administration team. Doing this would add to the user’s profile a green badge that symbolizes trust and shows the user is genuine and verified.

UkraineDate: Search Options

UkraineDate: Search Options

Searching for a potential Ukrainian partner on Ukrainedate.com can be done in several different ways. The platform’s extensive search system enables the users to surf through the entire website, offering them the filter feature, which helps narrow down the results to a few desired members. Advanced search options are also available on the website that aid in finding the perfect potential match. Users can narrow down their search by looking for members who are currently using the app and are online. Hence searching on this platform is a time-effective task bringing out the best possible matches for users.

Basic Search Filters

Basic search features on Ukrainian dating sites consist of the initial profile set up questions asked during registration and a few more, helping the users familiarize themselves with this online space and get started on building their profiles. These include age range, preference of gender, origin country, origin state/province, origin city, and the proximity to other members in terms of distance.

Advanced Search Filters

This is where the magic happens. The primary search feature only lets a user search through the upper layers of the members in terms of compatibility. To find the perfect match, advanced filters are more than necessary. The platform helps Ukrainian men and other men in general use advanced filters to precisely provide to its users what they are looking for. Specific criteria like the order of seriousness the user is looking for. Whether the user has a particular expectation from the Ukrainian women’s physical appearance (body type, height, hair length, etc.), the kind of lifestyles these potential partners maintain and some other personal expectations from the potential partners. All of this makes up the advanced search feature on the platform, making it much easier for people to find exactly what they want without wasting any extra time doing it.

Matching process of the site

After answering additional questions on one’s profile, a user can match their points of interest with the female members as they are required to fill in various details. Hence on opening a Ukrainian women’s profile, a user can visually see which interests and expectations match and not matching. When members show interest in a user, they are added to the user’s “Who’s Interested in Me” list mentioned on the platform. The user can then access this list by choosing “Interested in Me” from the Activity menu on the user home page, making the intention of the interested members visible and known to the user; hence short-listing potential matches become easier and engaging.

How to Get in Touch?

One of the two ways a user can get in touch with a registered female member is through the instant chat feature available on the platform. The other way, if getting in touch is more of a flirting or nudging option, the user can like someone by clicking on the heart button, letting the woman know they’re interested.

Communication methods and Unique Interface

Unlike the website’s interface, the chat feature is a very basic one. It is easy to use. Instant messaging, e-mail messaging, live video chat, chat rooms, and voice mail are some of the communication features available on Ukrainedate.com.

Is UkraineDate safe

Is UkraineDate safe?

The safety of users is the company’s number 1 priority. The technical team is always vigilant of all the on-goings on their website and app and monitors them throughout the day. They take their Members’ safety very seriously. Their dedicated team of Fraud Prevention uses fraud detection technologies of world-class to help keep their users safe.

Data Privacy and Protection of Users

Being a part of a much more extensive network, there are possibilities that personal data may be shared with affiliates to increase the user’s chances of finding the perfect match. Moreover, the user has the power to set their profile to the invisible mode and restrict access to it altogether. Of course, Ukrainedate.com does not share the data with anybody other than its affiliates. However, it still might be an invasion of privacy problems for some users who don’t want their data to be shared over such platforms.

Are There Any Scammers?

As on all online dating platforms, there is some amount of fake profiles present on this platform as well, some of which are inactive but also some whose intentions are to scam users via fraudulent techniques. The number of the latter profiles is less, and the support specialists run constant checks on all profiles that either seems inactive or automated, like many fake profiles on the platform.

How Does UkraineDate Deals With Scammers

Technical specialists at Ukrainedate.com are working round the clock looking for suspicious activities and scam accounts. Accounts that are reported for abuse by other users or those who get a complaint filed against their profiles are strictly monitored, and in some cases, their accounts are also deleted.

Help & Support Option

The platform’s customer service can be contacted 24/7 via multiple methods like E-mail and social media. The platform has a vast social media presence spreading over four platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (search by the handle @Ukrainedateofficial).

Ukraine cupid can find out more contact information after login as well.

Usage of Website

The platform’s website is one of the factors that make it shine brighter than the rest. A combination of violet and white gives the website a very calming effect and attracts its customers. The look of the website is very professional and trustworthy, and so is its usability. Nothing on this dating site is complicated; all functions that a user performs on the website, from registration to filtering to chatting, are user-friendly.

All You Should Know About UkraineDate Mobile App?

The website has a mobile application that goes by the same name and operates with the same intent of finding suitable females of Ukrainian origin for men to match with and have a potential relationship. Although the mobile version is only available for android users, which is being worked upon by technical specialists, hence iPhone users may still have to Ukrainedate com login through the website portal of the platform to use this dating site. Mobile application or website, all features of this dating platform remains the same, giving all users the same experience and options regardless of their user device.

All You Should Know About UkraineDate Mobile App?

Membership options Available

There are three types of membership options:

  • Basic Free
  • Gold membership
  • Platinum membership

All of the above have their perks and advantages.

UkraineDate Free Membership Features

The platform is filled with many features that the members can use, although there are certain limitations to the Basic Free Member’s use. Such members can browse throughout the entire profile database and even apply filters, narrowing their search to find the right suitor, the perfect match. Communication is limited to just the instant chat, and it is recommended that a user upgrades their membership to seek all benefits of the website.

Premium Membership Features

Ukrainedate offers various features to the user once they upgrade their membership to either gold or platinum.

With the gold package, members can have access to free messaging; all ads on the website will be blocked, and the user can search anonymously and even hide their profiles if needed.

With the platinum package and the perks mentioned above, members can give their accounts a VIP status as their profiles will be displayed on the first page and the top. Furthermore, excellent translation services are included in this pack.

UkraineDate:Plans and Prices

The gold membership costs:

  • 1 month – $29.89
  • 3 months – $59.99
  • 12 months – $119.98

The platinum membership costs

  • 1 month – $34.99
  • 2 months – $64.98
  • 3 months – $149.99

How to cancel UkraineDate subscription

To delete the account, users can either just log out of their account or contact customer care if they wish to withdraw their subscription.

How to cancel UkraineDate subscription

Final Thoughts

The final verdict on Ukrainedate.com would be satisfactory. It is the best online dating platform that operates locally and is so specific in its user audience. Whether it’s friendship, casual or serious dating, long-term or short-term relationships, or even marriage, the platform with such mastery and professionalism have you prepared. Most of the connections are between Ukrainian female members and foreign men (Ukrainian men included) at this dating site. This platform provides a variety of features to communicate, meet, and be friends with European women. For the perfect match to happen, the world’s forces unite and work together to make something beautiful come alive in a reality where this dating platform plays a vital role. It is a trusted and secure platform to seek Ukrainian women romantically and live a life full of love, because what’s the point without it!

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