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SwingLifestyle Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 5 500 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Good value for money
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • Several interesting premium features
  • A variety of international and local events
  • Very fun!
  • A rather bland interface
  • No audio or video chat available
  • Too many members
  • A lot of members are not active on the website
  • Advertising for different products such as supplements

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Swing lifestyle, as the name suggests, is a swinger life dating site founded in 2001. You can tell that this is a place for nonconventional and open-minded swinging relationships, given that the tagline on their website says “start your social revolution.” The site and app are a swingers forum for a variety of different arrangements, from threesomes to partner swapping and orgies.

The site is particularly suited for networking, allowing members to either form or join different forums, groups, and events. The target audience is people who are into risque bedroom antics, particularly young people.

Audience Structure

Audience Structure

On average, the website receives around 5 million visits a year. The site boasts that there are a lot of active swingers, and when he looked at any given moment, there were at least 5000 online, +300 open chat rooms. When carrying out statistical analysis, we noted around 6000 newcomers every week, so the site is gaining popularity.

Is There Any Specification? (gay dating, Christian dating, adult dating etc)

If you join sls swingers, you will find that they are very open about who you are. There are no specifics in terms of who you have to be to join, but you probably won’t want to come if you are looking for a serious relationship! There are very open, with options for same-sex and opposite-sex activities and lookups.

Geographical Structure

Swinglifestyle.com is a relatively popular website that has over 15 million users registered from across the world. We found that the audience is primarily from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Germany. However, it is widely used in Latin America as well.

Ethnic Structure

It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are on this website. Mostly, if you are into the swinger lifestyle, then it’s right for you. They do an excellent job of making it seem like an all-inclusive dating solution for everybody, regardless of color and creed.

Age Structure

Age Structure

Because the website is very blunt about sexual relationships and encounters, it is rather popular with young users, from the age of 18 upwards. We found that most of the users that frequent the site are around the age of 25. However, there are plenty of options for senior swingers and the like. On the whole, though, it may not be the site for you if you are middle-aged or above want some swinging fun.

Gender Structure

On this website, most of the users are male. We found around 70% of users are men. It is much more gender imbalanced than other dating websites and a disadvantage, especially if you are male. Approximately 55% of the website’s users are couples here are just as active as everybody else.

Sexual Orientation

There are good options for people of all sexual orientations, whether you’re single or a swinger couple. All sorts of groups and forums are available for an enormous array of activities for just about everyone. From bi-males to crossdressers, there is a wide array of people.

Getting Started: SwingLifestyle Sign Up

When looking at the websites and assessing their sign up process, it is rather comprehensive, and registration only takes a few minutes. You only need to select a username, provide some necessary information, and then you are ready to go. Although it is a little slower than basic “swipe-style” dating solutions such as Tinder and Bubmle, it is not slow by any means.

Information You’Ll Have to Provide swinglifestyle.com

To join, you will have to be at least 18 years old and provides a registered email address. After this, you will also provide basic info about what you’re looking for before you can make a SwingLifestyle login. One of the great things about it is that you do not need to upload a profile photo straightaway, so you can be free to browse and see if you fancy the site. It is an excellent thing because some people may be intimidated by joining a dating website and will want to remain discreet. After registration, there are options to fill up your profile with added detail.

Verification Process

Verification Process

The verification process is relatively quick and easy. We found no qualms with the site – it is pretty simple and straightforward. Some dating websites facilitate much faster verification, for instance, if you are signing up via Facebook, but this site does not allow this.

Time It Takes to Get Approved

Approval of your profile and account doesn’t take a long time at all. We found everything to be rather simple and uncomplicated. Once you have your email verified, there isn’t much else to wait around for. You can look around and take in the swing lifestyle at your leisure.

SwingLifestyle Account

The website offers a basic account for free, whereby you can view up to 50 profiles a day. When you have an account, you can browse all of the forums, reading SwingLifestyle stories, and see what like-minded people have to say. You can also send up to 5 messages daily with a free account, so although this is not unusually large, it does allow you to get a feel of the website.

SwingLifestyle Profile Structure

The great thing about this dating site is that you can flesh out your profile to include a lot of different information. There are various options for users to talk about their interests, what they are looking for, any fantasies they might have, real experiences, and practically everything under the sun! Users are encouraged to describe themselves in text boxes. One of the great things about this website is that you can view full-sized profile photos. A lot of websites make you pay for this option.

SwingLifestyle Search

It is relatively easy to browse through search results, with several different clickable links to choose from. You can click the “profile” link to view their profile, “mail” to send an email, and so on. When you receive emails from somebody, pop-ups will come up to notify you. It makes it rather quick and simple to respond to the message, but you have to have a paid account to reply.

Basic Search Features

Those who have a basic and free account, concerned with five messages and view 50 profiles every day. You will also not be able to see any naked photos of members. However, with a premium account, you can do this. Other than look for potential matches to have fun way, there are also forums that you can read and have discussions on. The search function on the website is beneficial and available to both free and premium members, allowing you to search on a variety of criteria including gender, age, interests, and so on. It is rather specific, which is useful if you have particular interests.

Advanced Search Features

Besides providing opportunities for swingers to meet, you can also search for what you want with a variety of advanced features. The website provides the means to communicate freely with other like-minded individuals in various ways, helping to find what you’re looking for.

The Hot Date option opens up a calendar where you can search for someone who is looking for a date on a particular day. It is a nifty feature to schedule meeting up quickly. The site has also teamed up with an agency known as Topless Travel, whereby official members of the website can get together and search for their experiences on cruises, swinger meetups, and a lot more. We’ve even found safari adventures! Last but not least, you can search for your match by searching for a swinger club on a map.

Matching Process

Matching Process

As we mentioned, the matching process is rather broad on this website. It is because there are so many different ways to meet people. There are also many forums where you can discuss various ways to meet up, so it is a lot different from the conventional messaging-based apps. It is not the place to go if you are looking for a relationship or a date that will lead to a long-term relationship.

Getting in Touch

When you are a free user, you will receive communication messages as pop-ups. Unfortunately, you cannot open the conversation and reply unless you are a premium member. It makes it rather complicated because people may think you are ignoring and may get the wrong impression. Many other websites allow you to have unlimited replies, but this is not one of them. However, people may also think that you are a serious member of the website if they know that you are paying for it.

Interface and Chat Capabilities

Any users can send a private message to chat, share swinger stories, and so on. You can carry out an instant-messenger type chat as the primary form of communicating. When looking at this website, you can say that there certainly are several files of swingers online at any time. It is a good thing because you always want to know that there are active members when you join a dating website.

Is SwingLifestyle Safe?

People are always wondering, are these types of websites safe? We can say that this is indeed a safe website.

Data Privacy and Protection

SwingLifestyle pulls out all the stops in terms of both data privacy and protection. They use the latest in modern encryption to keep their members’ financial and personal details completely secure. Any emails exchanged are done through internal systems, so you don’t need to worry about someone potentially intercepting and reading them. They also have an extensive privacy policy and do not give away any information to 3rd parties.

Do Scam/Fake Profiles Exist?

Do Scam/Fake Profiles Exist?

The good thing is members of staff verify profile photos. It can also be easy to spot a fake profile since many members are very serious about swinging on the site. There is also a place where you can report a suspicious account. It is easily done by clicking near the “profile view” tab.

How is it Moderated and How are Scam Profiles Dealt with?

Other than profile photos being verified, the website has a zero-tolerance policy on transmitting obscene, threatening, or harmful material. Anyone who is caught disseminating material for creating problems will have their information and profile quickly taken away. There is an extensive guidelines section that explains what you can and can’t do. Those who are scamming and pretending to be someone that they’re not, or being nefarious in any way, will be deleted.

Help & Support Team

There is a support team that you can reach out to by email. When coming up with the test and posing some questions, it did take a rather long time to respond to our queries, but the help that we received was adequate. It would be better the website had instant support options such as live chat or telephone number.

Website Usability

Website Usability

The website does have a rather dull looking interface and structure. It is a little reminiscent of the 1990s internet websites and certainly doesn’t look too appealing. However, when diving more in-depth, it is rather easy to use, and the main features are always available to the left of the website, making it simple to navigate around. Notification sounds also tell you when you have a message, making messages impossible to miss. All in all, the functions are user-friendly, but the website doesn’t look a bit dated.

Is there a SwingLifestyle App Available?

If you cannot use the desktop version for whatever reason, there is a SwingLifestyle app available for mobile devices. It is rather easy to navigate through. Just like the website, the layout is a little dull looking, but the features work fine. It certainly isn’t the most flashy looking of applications, but we have no problems using it.

Options for Members

When you are a paying member, you can make your profile invisible from free members. We found that this is rather useful if you want to get serious about meeting someone. As a paid member, you’ll still have the ability to see free members too.

SwingLifestyle Free Version or Trial

As a free member, you can search and view several profiles, limited to 50. You can also access the forum and send five messages a day. It is quite limiting if you are a free member and have to pay to get the most out of it. There is sadly no option available for a free trial of premium features.

Premium swinglifestyle.com Features

People who pay can send as many emails and if you as many profiles as they want. It also gives you a lot more credibility, allowing you to have more positive responses. A premium member can also view and upload nude photos, as well as different rate clubs. All in all, the features are comprehensive. However, you do have to pay for a membership to reap the rewards. It is difficult to have a go at most of what’s on offer for free.

SwingLifestyle Pricing: Plans and prices

SwingLifestyle Pricing: Plans and prices

On the whole, we found this dating website to be rather cheap. Premium subscriptions only cost USD 14.95 a month, and this decreases to USD 5.83 a month for a 12-month package. If you are looking for a lifetime membership, this is not too expensive, coming in at USD 149.95.

Cancelling SwingLifestyle Subscription and Deleting Your Profile

It is quite easy to cancel if you want to. The website will even prompt you to stop your current premium membership before deleting your account. Deleting is a breeze – all you have to do is select “delete your profile” and follow basic instructions. It doesn’t take long and is hassle-free.


It is an excellent choice for people who want to connect with swingers. It is not perfect, especially in terms of visual design, but there are many active members. If you want to try it out, it is quite limiting as a free member, so we recommend that you purchase a premium membership if you want to browse. In terms of other websites for swinging, the number of members is impressive and is always rising. All in all, one of those decent swinger sites promoting the swingers lifestyle.

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