Mixxxer.com Review – Is It Worth to Use It?

Mixxxer.com Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-34
Profiles 578 000
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The subscription price is rather affordable.
  • The Mixxxer registration process is fast.
  • The swingers you meet are friendly.
  • The hookups on the dating website happen to be location-based.
  • The members of the community can use the Mixxxer.com via a mobile version of the website.
  • The online dating service lacks social features.
  • It is not possible to fully realize the services on a desktop because it is more mobile-friendly.
  • The number of communication channels is limited.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles on the Mixxxer dating platform.
  • The mobile app is not native.

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There are numerous hookup dating websites these days, but very few of them are worth to use, indeed. The thing is that using some dating platforms, you can really meet someone, while others are full of scammers. That is why it is crucial to learn as much as possible about a dating website before you get registered. For this reason, this review must be extremely useful as it is full and contains all the important information you may need.

Mixxxer.com happens to be one of the adult dating sites, which means that it caters to people who are interested in finding sexual encounters. Thus, they do not want to date or have serious relationships. This online dating service has been designed to help its users to instantly connect to other sex thirsty people for a quick relief service, so they do not have to exchange lengthy conversations first.

According to the Mixxxer review, the platform does not consider its members` background details because the only thing that matters is their desire to find a sexual encounter. That is why you need to be quite daring to engage in this kind of casual hookup platform. The good part is that Mixxxer.com offers its services in the mobile application, so the members of the community can immediately start looking for sex partners within their locations. It is possible thanks to the fact that the dating service makes use of GPS systems. At the same time, the dating platform has both advantages and disadvantages, which is a common thing for all websites.

Who You Can Meet on This Hookup Dating Website

Who You Can Meet on This Hookup Dating Website

Some hookup apps cater to a specific audience or specific locations. Meanwhile, some of them are oriented towards a particular sexual orientation or age. This fact makes each of them unique or similar to other online dating services. That is why you should consider this aspect before you join a dating community. Keep on reading to learn more about the Mixxxer.com dating website from this point of view.

What Audience Does the Hookup App Cater to?

You can understand from the name of it that the Mixxxer.com dating website is the place where the horny individuals can mix and match. The bigger part of the members of the dating platform is singles that are looking for casual hookups. If you decide to become a part of the community, you get a personal profile that you can fill out. When you do that, you are free to start looking for a match in your location. The good part is that the audience is rather active because there are around 100 thousand logins every week. It means that you are highly likely to find a potential partner in a short period.

What Countries Do the Users of the Casual Hookup Website Come From?

The more significant part of the users looking for casual sex comes from the United States, as there are approximately 300 thousand people from this country. At the same time, there are many users from India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and France. It implies that even if you are not from the United States, you can still get some matches.

What About the Adult Dating Site`s Ethnic Structure?

Just like many other casual dating sites, Mixxxer.com welcomes all ethnicities and nationalities. That is why the audience of the online dating service happens to be diverse. You can take it as a benefit as well because you can look for and meet different people here.

Adult Dating Site`s Age Distribution

You must be at least 18 years old to join the community, which is a common requirement for all hookup sites. It implies that you can meet people of different ages on this dating website. At the same time, the bigger part of the audience is from 25 to 34 years of age. Overall, the user structure of the dating platform happens to be perfect for younger to middle-aged individuals who are willing to find sexual partners nearby.

Mixxxer Dating App`s Gender Proportion

When it comes to gender proportion, there are more male users who are looking for sex. The thing is that they make up 70 percent of the audience. If you have ever used this kind of dating websites, this fact is not surprising because men tend to prevail.

What Sexual Orientations Does the Adult Dating Site Welcome?

According to the Mixxxer reviews, the online dating website welcomes all sexual orientations and preferences. It means that anyone is free to join the community. Meanwhile, straight male users dominate the dating platform.

How to Perform Mixxxer Login

How to Perform Mixxxer Login

Registration process happens to be an important thing when it comes to online dating services. The reason is that people who are looking for sexual partners do not want to spend a lot of time to join sex apps. That is why the registration process on the Mixxxer.com dating website is fast and easy. Note that you should create your profile while you are on the phone. You can open an account with the help of the desktop version, but you will not be able to login because Mixxxer.com happens to be a mobile-only platform.

What Details Do You Need to Provide to Use the Adult Dating Site?

You may be happy to know that you will not need to provide too many personal details to get registered. Mixxxer.com has the same steps that you can usually find on other adult apps. It means that you need to specify your sexual orientation, date of birth, country, email address, and password. When it comes to sexual preferences, straight couples, singles, same-sex couples, and transsexuals may join the community.

Casual Hookup Site`s Verification Process

You need to make sure that you have provided a valid email address because the Mixxxer dating app is going to use if for the verification process. You will get an email with an activation link, and you need to follow it before you can log in. This news is good because some online dating services do not have any verification process at all.

How Much Time Does this Casual Hookup Website Take to Approve Users?

This adult dating website is outstanding because it takes only around one minute to approve a new account. It implies that you can browse through the Mixxxer.com user database to find a perfect match at once. This is a great advantage because people do not usually want to wait long before using an online service.

Some Information about Mixxxer Accounts

Some Information about Mixxxer Accounts

Most online dating services where you can find local hook ups do not allow their members to view profiles free of charge. What is good about the Mixxxer.com dating website is that you can do that without paying for a premium membership. Browsing photo albums is also free. You may come across some fake profiles, which is not surprising due to the registration process’s simplicity. Still, you are free to block and report them.

Are the Mixxxer.com Profiles Detailed?

Upon Mixxxer login, you are going to see that the profiles are not too informative. As mentioned above, new members need to provide only basic details about themselves. Still, this information is enough to find a potential partner. The good part is that the online dating service does not restrict its users on what they can post on their profiles, including personal contact information. Consequently, most Mixxxer.com profiles contain personal contact details. Thanks to this characteristic, the dating platform is highly-usable, even if members do not pay for a subscription plan. Moreover, the bigger part of the profiles has pictures, which happens to be a good sign that these people are real.

How to Search for Potential Partners on the Mixxxer Website?

Search is another important thing you need to consider before you start using an online dating service. The thing is that most people prefer searching for potential matches themselves, as they may not like the suggested matches. Mixxxer dating app has a basic search filter only, which is available to free community members as well.

What Basic Search Feature Does the Casual Hookup Platform Offer?

What Basic Search Feature Does the Casual Hookup Platform Offer?

If you have never used the GPS locator, you may find looking for sex on this dating website strange. Even people who are professional drivers or masters of GPS location are aware that this kind of search method can be unreliable at times. Meanwhile, it can be convenient because it allows looking for potential matches due to your current location. The searching process on the Mixxxer.com website involves swiping on a “swipe and fuck screen.”

Does the Casual Hookup Website Offer Advanced Search Features?

As mentioned above, the online dating service does not provide search features to browse through Mixxxer profiles. It means that you cannot filter members by their appearance or interests. Meanwhile, location-based search can be more convenient if you are looking for potential sexual partners.

How Does the Adult Dating Site Match You with Others?

As discussed before, Mixxxer.com is different from other dating and swinger sites because it makes use of GPS technology to match you with potential partners. It means that the members of the community can use the online service anywhere. It is a great benefit and simplifies the process significantly.

Getting in Touch with Others for a Casual Hookup

The first thing you need to know if you decide to use the Mixxxer.com dating website is that messaging happens to be a premium feature. That is why you need to buy a premium plan if you are willing to communicate with potential partners. Unlike other adult apps, this online service lets its members include personal contact details, which means that free users can still get in touch with others.

What Chat Features Does the Adult Dating Site Provide?

The Mixxxer.com dating platform is different from other similar websites because it obtains several communication features instead of the traditional messaging feature. The thing is that the hookup app aims to make its users` stay on the website more enjoyable.

The first one is the “Blackbook” feature, thanks to which you can bookmark the most favorite contacts and place them in a feed. In this case, you are going to see their status and latest messages.

Another feature is the “Tease” feature. If you find a Mixxxer.com user you want, you can let him or her know about it by sending a tease. This feature is available to premium members only. You should also remember that there are contact details on almost every profile, so you can get in touch with them using this personal information.

Is Mixxxer Safe to Use?

Is Mixxxer Safe to Use?

Is Mixxxer legit? This is a common question people ask if they decide to use a dating website. The good part is that it is a legal online dating platform that operates in several countries around the world. It means that the dating website is relatively safe to use.

What about the Adult Dating Site`s Privacy Policy?

Most of the usual safety aspects are covered under the Mixxxer Terms and Conditions section, such as discreet processing and payment security. Meanwhile, there is a great risk because members provide their location to the online dating service. That is why it is important to know how to handle private data on the online dating service. Consequently, members can decide whom they are sharing their confidential information with. In addition to that, it is possible to manage a profile safety by editing and blurring pictures added to the Mixxxer.com dating website.

Does the Hookup App Have Many Scam Profiles?

As the Mixxxer review has shown, the online dating service does its best to make sure that all communication through it is spam-free and anonymous. That is why there are several safeguards that ensure that all communication takes place between real users. However, there are some scam profiles, which is a common thing for dating websites. The good part is that you can always block and report them.

How Does the Hookup App Deal with Fake Profiles?

The Mixxxer online dating service reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against any user who violates the Terms of Use. That is why if there is a scam profile, it can be terminated. In addition to that, the contacting information can be disclosed to the relevant authorities. As a result, there are some fake profiles, but the dating platform does its best to manage this issue.

Does the Hookup App Offer Customer Support?

Does the Hookup App Offer Customer Support?

If you have any questions, you can open the FAQ section of the Mixxxer dating website. It is the place where you can find answers to the most common questions. If this section is not enough to solve your problem, you can contact customer support. You can send an email explaining your problem, and the customer support team will do its best to help you.

The Casual Hookup Website`s Design and Usability

According to the Mixxxer review, the dating platform obtains a clean user interface. However, some buttons are not as crisp compared to other mobile applications because the online service is a mobile app on a browser. The good part is that the dating website is rather easy to navigate, as the tabs and buttons happen to be well-organized. Thanks to this, even not so tech-savvy people can easily figure things out.

Does Mixxxer Provide a Mobile Application?

Unfortunately, the online dating service does not provide a mobile application. It means that you are not going to find it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. At the same time, it is possible to perform Mixxxer login through a mobile version of the website. It implies that you can access the dating platform through your mobile browser. All you need to do is to go to Mixxxer.com, and the platform will automatically translate into the mobile version. The good part is that it is possible to create a new account using this version.

What Membership Options Does the Adult Dating Site Offer?

What Membership Options Does the Adult Dating Site Offer?

Just like many other casual dating sites, Mixxxer.com has some features available to free members, while only premium users can access all available features. That is why you need to purchase a membership plan to improve your online dating experience. The good part is that the prices are rather affordable. Keep on reading this review to learn more.

Mixxxer Features Available to Free Members

As mentioned above, you can not access all Mixxxer features if you are a free member of the service. At the same time, you can do the following things:

  • You can open a new account;
  • You can create a profile;
  • You can view full pictures added by other members;
  • You can search for local users.

Features Available to Premium Users of the Adult Dating Site

  • If you choose to purchase a Mixxxer premium plan, you can do the following things:
  • You can send messages to others;
  • You can send Teases;
  • You can chat with free users of the dating website:
  • You can access the “Who`s Viewed Me” feature;
  • You can remove ads;
  • You can enjoy unlimited Blackbook.

Mixxxer Website`s Costs and Prices

Unlike most other hookup sites, Mixxxer.com does not offer many options when it comes to premium plans. In fact, there are only two premium plans you can purchase. You can buy a subscription for one or three months. If you choose to purchase a one-month Mixxxer.com premium membership, you will pay 7.99 dollars. If you decide to get a three-month premium plan, you will pay 19.99 dollars.

You are free to use your credit card to pay for the online dating service. You need to remember that all membership plans renew automatically when the period ends. That is why you should cancel your subscription in the first place if you decide to delete your Mixxxer account.

How to Cancel a Mixxxer Subscription?

How to Cancel a Mixxxer Subscription?

As mentioned above, you need to cancel your membership if you are not willing to use it anymore, as it renews automatically. For this purpose, you should contact the Mixxxer adult dating site`s customer support team. It seems that you cannot do that yourself via your profile settings.

If you are not willing to use the casual hookup platform anymore, you are free to delete your account at any time. You can also disable it. For this purpose, you need to log in to your account and open your Settings. You should find the Account details where there the account disable and delete options are.


As you can see from this Mixxxer review, the online dating service is not unique. The thing is that it offers a rather basic set of features you can use to find your perfect sexual partner. At the same time, it can be extremely convenient if you are willing to find someone in your location. The features are not extraordinary but quite easy to use. The outstanding part is that it does not offer ordinary communication features, as there are several features that work together to help you start communication and make it more comfortable. The good part is that the members of the Mixxxer.com community can post their personal contact details, so free users can reach them. At the same time, there are some features you can use only if you are a premium member. Another great news is that the prices for the subscription are affordable. Overall, the Mixxxer dating app is just what you need if you want a simple platform to find a hookup.

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