Fdating Review: Does It Live Up to Its Promise?

Fdating Review: Does It Live Up to Its Promise?
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 28-35
Profiles 1 100 000
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • 100% free for all.
  • Site easy to use and navigate.
  • Registration is easy and no strict rules.
  • Availability in many languages .
  • Various search filters.
  • The site takes a long time to load.
  • Lots of ads and popups.
  • Lots of reports of scammers and fake users.
  • No mobile app .
  • Messaging is the only mode of communication.

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Initially started in the year of 2009, Fdating is a worldwide dating site free to all its members. There are no hidden paid services, unlike other dating sites claiming to be free at the start. Open to relationships of all types and genders. This is a site where users have to pave their way through to find their dates. Fdating connects singles throughout the globe who would like to flirt, date, hookup, or expect a serious relationship. There is no available information about who operates the site. The total number of users has never been officially announced, and neither have they been formally recorded in any Fdating review. Although the number of active online users are showcased for the particular instant. Most of the membersare from Russia and Ukraine. A higher percentage of users are female. There are no restrictions to any community, and neither is it based on a particular community of people. It is dedicated to all.

Fdating Review-Does it live up to its promise?

FDating Target Audience

The total number of users has never been announced officially and remains unknown. The ratio of men to women in this 100% free dating site is also unknown. But the trends from daily online users indicate a higher percentage of females. A live number of users presently logged in is always showcased on the official homepage. The overall members include a host of nations.

Is it Custom Made to Bring Together a Specific Community?

No, it is not specific to any kind of particular dating type. Fdating attains to every kind of dating possible. Even though there are no outright options for dating types, one can mold their search in favor of their intended dating types and the community of people they desire. These can be accessed by advanced searching.

Geographical Location Accessibility

Being ardent believers in conceptualizing free dating throughout the world. Its worldwide user base is evident from the bunch of languages available for selection. As well as the search by various countries. But most of its members are from France, Ukraine, Morocco, the Philippines, and the United States of America. There are 14 language options to choose from, proving its worldwide use.

Ethnic Base

Being a free online dating site, people of various ethnicities are bound to their members. And claim to the before said statement is evident from the list of languages available. As well as the vast number of search options available based on countries.

Age Range

People of various age groups are its members. But like most dating sites, there is always a surge of new young members. But they generally lack the discipline of continuing the process of free dating. Active members are found to be between 28 to 45.

Fdating Gender Opinions

Even though there is no official figure of the ratio of men to women for the website. It can be estimated from daily online users and results from random searches that the website is a female-dominated site, which means a high proportion of active members being female.

Sexual Inclinations

The choice of gender one wants to attach to is not directly asked. In the description of your partner section, one may write about it to make things easier for users to understand their sexual inclinations since people can be searched around easily. One can directly propose their idea to the profile of their liking and move as per reply. Thereby the openness to sexual inclinations is indirectly evident in this 100% free dating site.

Sexual inclinations

Getting started: Fdating sign up

A straightforward signup process enables users to log in within a minute or two.

Everyone has to provide their necessary details of gender, country, email address, and a username. The username should have more than two characters and should not have digits in them. After this, one has to tick the box that says you agree to the terms and conditions. And then a disclaimer pops up saying ” Warning! Do not ever transact money to someone you have met online! If someone asks for money, please report the user by using the Report Abuse feature or contact us”. This Fdating review will take a more detailed look into the signup process.

Informations to Be Filled

After the necessary details are provided, one is asked a few personal questions. From the individual questions, some are compulsory, and the rest can be left unanswered. Most questions have options that one has to select.

The compulsory questions include marital status, birth date, (number of) children, and languages. There are many options in the languages section, and one can choose more than one option. The languages provided are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, and Ukrainian.

The non-compulsory questions of this free online dating site have inbuilt options to choose from state/region, city, height, weight, hair color, eye color, smoking, drinking, and partner age(where one has to select the range of age). The questions where one has to write are education, occupation, Describe yourself, and Describe your future partner.

For the two quote boxes, describe yourself, and describe your future partner. One is prohibited from including email addresses, IM screen names, Phone numbers, URLs, and coarse language.

Fdating App Verification Methodology

A confirmation email is sent to the email, as mentioned earlier, address by the user after initiating the Fdating login process. The email forwarded comprises of the login details. It is recommended to keep this email. For it will come handy if one forgets the password.

When it comes to uploading images, there are specific regulations. The photo should not have any element of nudity or trademarks. Group pictures and pictures with celebrities are also prohibited. Your photo should also show your face from the front, and the lighting should be good. Moderators will not approve any image where the face is not visible clearly.

Photos that contain email addresses, website URLs, or any other form of personal contact are also not allowed.

Approval Time Taken

The Fdating login process gets verified instantly. One accepts the terms and conditions. But when it comes to photos and personal details, it generally takes 1-2 hours to be approved. And sometimes even 3-4 hours depending upon the content.

Approval time taken

Fdating Account

Accounts can be set up very quickly without much prior knowledge of online account opening. Since many fields are not mandatory during registration, one can create a profile even by leaving half of the form unfilled. The maximum time taken to create a Fdating account is five minutes.

Fdating Profile Buildup

The initial login process is divided into two structures. Basic and personal. The necessary details require age, email address, country of origin, and a username. The username should have more than two characters and should not have any digit, and personal details require marital status, birth date, height, weight, smoking, and drinking habits. There are also two quote boxes provided for answering a description of yourself and a description of your partner. You are also prohibited from providing an email address or bank account number in your descriptions in this free dating website.

Fdating Profile buildup

The search feature is classified into “Gallery,” “Search,” and “Quick Search” tabs. Gallery serves as a common search feature, with grid sorting. Basic features sort profiles. The search tab is more comprehensive, with a lot of advanced filters. One can also search by user ID; a quick search is a lot like a gallery. But with quick links of profiles of a few countries and different sets of online.

Basic Search Options

The gallery is a grid search method where profiles can be sorted by age, gender, age-range, country, physical appearance, and religion.

Quick search is a tab to the left of the home page with specific search questions for free dating. It asks the user the gender they are seeking.

The age range that can be filled in, the country (all or particular), has to be selected. There is also a choice of ticking the option” with photos.” And finally, after filling the individual choices, one can click the search button. Just below the search option are the quick links. There are links to profiles online (both men and women) and links to certain countries.

Advanced Search Filters

The advanced search feature has many detailed filters with options, apart from the normal filters such as age, gender, country, state, and city. There are a lot of advanced search filters. Height and weight ranges can be selected. There are various hair colors (Auburn, blonde, charcoal, gray, white, bald, brown, chestnut, red, black, brunette, golden, silver). Eye color also has multiple options (black, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel). Religious views can also be taken into consideration by users and may select from the options of a non-believer, agnostic, another, baptist, Buddhist, catholic, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. For the Without Children filter, one can either tick the box or leave the box unticked. Marital status has choices of divorced, single, widowed, or separated. Smoking and drinking filters have the same options ( no, rarely, very often, often). The user is provided the license to choose multiple choices from the options provided by each filter.

Advanced Search Filters

Matching algorithm

There is no intelligent matchmaking as in other dating sites. After the Fdating login is successful, a list of profiles is shown to the user, taking into consideration the user’s location and nearby profiles. Apart from this, the website does not provide or suggest matches. It is entirely left to the user to make the first move, and see how things go. There are four options under the profile photo of the owner. They are” send messages,” ” add to favorites,” ” blacklist,” and ” abuse.” One can send a message to initiate a relationship and see how things go. One can also add profiles to favorites as per their liking, who are presumably not online at the moment or anyone for that matter. When a user visits a profile, they can also see the number of times the profile has been viewed.

Staying Connected

Contact options are extremely limited in this free dating website. One can only send messages to another profile. There is no option of the chatbox, exchanging photos, video call, or virtual gifts. One can view the uploaded images by a member.

Chat Features and Interface

No unique chat features or chat rooms available. One can only send messages by going to their profile and selecting the “send messages” option. There is also no availability of video calls. A single feature of messaging available is filter messages by age, photo availability, and country.

Users have to get creative when messaging. Because a simple hello or hi is not easily appreciated, and reply may arrive at unknown times or after a long time. So it’s better to start the conversation with something engaging to look out for each time you message. Such that even if both are not online, one will give a thought to the text when they do see it. Because messaging is the only way to woo someone opposite you, you have to be good at it to be noticed. But no worries, you will learn fast and catch up with some trending lingo within site.

Online Safety of Fdating?

There have been reports of scammers and fake profiles by various users. And because of its easy Fdating login process and further fun forward. A lot of accounts have been inactive since the last login. But among those who conducted the reviews hardly found any scammers during the short time of using the website.

Data Privacy and Protection

Data privacy regulations are maintained, and any data is not provided to third party clients. Although there is not much data to be protected. But still, it is carried out maintaining the HIPPA regulations.

What About Scam Profiles?

There have been various reports of scam profiles by users. But most of these profiles can be accumulated under the signup and one-day use category. Another striking observation brought out from various Fdating reviews is that many of its female members are thought to be gold diggers and use the platform to relocate to a better country.

Moderation of Such Scammers

The moderators do not do much to prevent scammers from creating fake profiles and defrauding. Blacklisting and abuse features are provided to users to identify such profiles. But overall, they fall short in their methods of controlling such activities. A user can be blacklisted or abused by going to their profiles and choosing these options below the profile photo. Apart from these daily reminders are sent to aware users and instruct them not to share money unless a repo has been made.

Moderation of such scammers

Help & Support

A support team is available 24/7 for users who can mail them about their concerns. The response of the support team is not as fast as it should be. The customer care moderators continuously remind users to be aware of scammers who ask for money. And always instructs users to report such cases and not share any banking details or money with such scammers.

Website intricacies

Fdating website is a spotless and easily navigable site. It can be easily accessed by people who are non-tech savvy. Only blue and white colors are used throughout the site. The dating website is straightforward in design and outlook. Almost all the critical content can be accessed from easy instructions within the page. There are links to access various types of profiles based on country, most viewed, and other different filters to ease the user’s job of surfing.

Fdating App Availability Throughout Various Stores

No, there is no Fdating app. Users have to access the free dating site in the mobile internet browser. So if you search for their app in your Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Windows Store, you would be disheartened not to find any. You have to stick to your mobile browser options. And it is generally understood that accessing contents are not as easy when a website is opened in the phone browser. But because this free dating website is a sleek and simple one, it would not be that problematic. And every content is intact within the browser for the phone, even though it is still advised to use the website for a better experience.

Membership options

Membership is entirely free for all members with no hidden paid services. Hence there is no question of a paid membership.

Fdating Free Version

This 100% free dating site has only one version. And that is free for all. It does not come up with any added elements which can be accessed by paying. So within its standard feature, users can view any profile or any amount of profiles for numerous occasions. And thereon can only send messages to other profiles and view photos uploaded by them.

Premium Features

There is no option of premium membership. All members can enroll for free.

Premium features

Fdating Pricing: Types of Plan and Their Expenses

This is a 100% free online dating site. Therefore it has no further plans to look forward to.

Fdating review 2020: Is it cool to hang out with?

Even though it is free, it has no added features to cling to. Although it raises quite a few eyebrows, it does not quite live up to expectations. And massively falls under par of other dating sites. It is simple in both design and approach. Its search feature is the only positive that sticks things through. And perhaps it is the only reason for the use of the website even today. Living in this techy generation, not having a Fdating app, is a big negative. With regular reports of scammers and fake accounts, this free online dating website still has its golden years. But for that to happen, the site needs a lot of brushing up and finishing in the fields of design, features, matchmaking, and safety.

Here are two contrasting Fdating reviews by its users. Happy Mikhail says, ” Firstly, the website is free, and was looking for such a site. Its search panel is awesome. Happen to have a conversation with people across different nations almost every day. After coming back from a hectic day of work. These conversations make my day and, with time, kind of look forward to it. Apart from this, those near me and have struck a conversation, have added them to favorites. Following which have been lucky to go for a few dates here and there. Warning messages from moderators kept me cautious. Would not lie having come across a few profiles asking money. Unhesitatingly reported them and blocked them, and moved on.” Another user who is unhappy with the website says, ” It is a blunt site and not catchy. Reply to messages take a long time, and on most occasions, there was no reply. It got frustrating within the first two days and left it. Never came back to use it again.”-Tom.

Cancelling Fdating subscription and deleting profile

Since this is a 100% free dating site, there are no subscriptions in the first place. So there is no point in canceling the subscription. One can delete his profile, though, by clicking the “Delete my profile” link. This is found at the top portion of the site and follow the instructions thereon.

Final Thoughts

Since it is free for all and not many features are available, it is best for people who want to earn a date for free. Its advanced search filters are a delight and lead to flirting with profiles of foreign soil as well. Through proper searching and effort, one can find love, a date, or a hookup near their location. Because of the worldwide base of Fdating, one has the liberty to message people of other countries, know about various cultures, or have deep conversations. User’s ability to text and flirt would increase using the website, as it is the only way to know each other. So this cool site is free of cost. It’s not hard to use, and simple design may not be appealing to users, but it is worth trying to have an experience solely based on one’s own choice of profiles and cautiously taking baby steps in Fdating.

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