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Coffee Meets Bagel Review: One of The Highest-Rated International Dating Websites

Coffee Meets Bagel Review: One of The Highest-Rated International Dating Websites
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 28-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An intuitive application designed
  • An extensive database of matches
  • You don’t have to pay for essential features
  • You can quickly get free beans
  • The guides on how to use the form are easy to understand
  • A short window of opportunity to text a match
  • More female-orientated
  • A large pool of religious people
  • Can be expensive to acquire beans
  • Not suitable for those that are in a hurry

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The dating app Coffee Meets Bagel started in 2012 based on two great things, a coffee, and a bagel! It was the brainchild of three young and budding entrepreneurial sisters hailing from San Francisco who valued quality over quantity. The Coffee Meets Bagel dating app initially started to act as a counter app against casual hookups and endless swiping dating services, which unfortunately oversaturate today’s dating market.

CMB dating has become famous for its customer service, known as Ladies Choice, designed to increase the quality of online dating. Men receive a match known as a bagel and then have 24 hours to either like the person or pass their bagel on. If you’re wondering, “how does Coffee Meets Bagel work exactly?”, it rates the best possible matches for women using Facebook information to create a matching pool of prospective dating partners from friends of your friends. The Ladies Choice feature is intelligent in that it provides you with matches that have added familiarity to you. Thus it has become a popular app for an audience that wants to create a meaningful relationship. It is generally a fun application that is full of quirky and exciting features. You can get many of them by purchasing “beans” from the company or by carrying out some fun activities to acquire these beans.

Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2020

The Audience structure

The audience of this dating solution is rather broad, even though the founders are entirely private about who accesses the website. Potentially 21 million users are using this app, and according to sources, the average number of new members a month exceeds 400,000. The target demographic is young professionals, and the app has gained a lot of notoriety amongst the religious community, particularly with Christians and Jews. They like the fact that the website is not about hookups. However, it can be used by just about anybody due to the broad audience.

Are There any Specific Requirements?

One of the great things about setting up a Coffee Meets Bagel profile is that there are few specific requirements to be made. You can join regardless of race, creed, or age range, although you will have more success if you are interested in a long-term relationship. This particular app boasts that it has lead to over 25 million introductions and a hundred marriages in the United States alone.

Geographical Structure

The app is available worldwide for anybody to use. It has many users, and most of these are from the United States of America, with Hong Kong having the second-largest audience. A lot of people are using it all around the world because you can easily use the app on a mobile device.

Ethnicity and Racial Structure

Looking at ethnicity, we found that the Coffee Meets Bagel dating site has a rather wide range of users from different backgrounds. They certainly do not discriminate on the grounds of race or ethnicity, if you want to join.

Age Structure

Young professionals are the primary target market for this dating site. However, when conducting a review, we noticed that all sorts of people log onto the website. If you’re browsing around, do expect people to be between the age of 20 and 40 for the most part.

Gender Structure

The current gender structure of dating websites is an essential criterion for many users. When conducting our Coffee Meets Bagel review research, we found that there is a relatively even split in terms of gender structure. You have roughly 40% of men and 60% women.

Sexual Orientation

Anybody can use this app, regardless of their sexual orientation. There are features for both straight and gay people. Transgender people can also use the app if they see fit. It’s a very all-inclusive platform.

Sexual orientation

Getting started: Coffee Meets Bagel dating sign up

It is relatively easy to sign up and get going. The premise is straightforward – once you have downloaded the app onto your phone, you will go through a series of simple steps to create your profile. After you have filled everything in, matches will be found through your Facebook friends, coming up with a list of their friends. Therefore, you need to sign up to Facebook to have an account if you haven’t done so already. Once signing up is complete, you get some free beans to start – this is the virtual currency that determines accessibility features in the app.

The Information You’ll Need to Provide

When you have downloaded everything, there are several details that you need to provide, including education, ethnicity, height, religion, and occupation. They also require you to finish off the following three phrases:

“I am…”

“I appreciate when my date…”

“I like…”

A user can upload any photos they wish to display from their Facebook account, and they can have a maximum of nine. You can add a description with a maximum of 140 characters. We found this to be quite the right length because when it comes to a service that is best suited to a mobile application such as this one, it is a reasonable amount of text to consume.

The Verification Process

The application exists as different sections – Discover and Suggested. In Suggested, you will be able to see all of the matches offered by CMB, referred to as “bagels” and men get 21 of these a day, replenished again at noon. Users verify a match either by selecting “pass,” “like,” or “priority.” You can think of “priority” as the Super Like feature in Tinder, and you will need some beans to send one of these. Lists come around every day, and you only have 24 hours to either pass or like your bagel.

Within the Discovered section, verification of matches works somewhat differently. You can use a filter and a search tool to find your bagel personally. Once lights have matched up, this is the verification that you need to start communication with the other person. Communication can come in the form of messages. However, you can only talk to a person for eight days until you purchase more beans.

The Time it Takes to Get Your Coffee Meets Bagel Profile to Be Approved.

In terms of account approval, this is pretty much instantaneous since it is using Facebook data, and everything is pretty streamlined in terms of signing up. When it comes to getting approved by a prospective partner, we found that the eight-day limitation is a little bit short. Sometimes you might want to communicate with someone for longer, but you have to find money to do this. It is up to you whether you think that this amount is up. However, many other dating apps allow you to be on an indefinite basis, allowing you to approve partners on your terms.

The time it takes to get your Coffee Meets Bagel profile to be approved.

Coffee Meets Bagel Account

We found that on the whole, when you’re using coffeemeetsbagel, accounts are relatively simple and easy to set up. It is a dating service that does offer an average amount of functionality, albeit most of the functions come at a price. Some are rather intuitive, and others may require some engineering. Let’s take a look at some exciting features.

Profile Structure For Coffee Meets Bagel

At a minimum, you will need to supply your age, name, and location – you can see this information in all of the profiles. After uploading your primary photograph with your face visible, you can also supply details on ethnicity, education, religion, occupation, and self-description. When considering the structure, it is rather user-friendly and straightforward to read, with no real problems on our end.

Coffee Meets Bagel Search Mechanics

To find potential matches, men have 24-hours to either like or pass women. Women then receive six people to choose every day. You will be able to chat with your match, but after eight days, this option goes away. Potential matches on the Discover mode are refreshed at noon every day and could disappear from your radar forever. Searching for a match is easy, but it limits how you can only message someone for eight days unless you want to purchase more beans. You cannot see the name of a premium member until you connect, plus you cannot manually search for a profile. We found that the searching features emphasize occupation and educational attainment, lending it to be an app that is quite well suited to young professionals. Users can also have the option to see where their profile has ranked against the averages of either male or female profiles.

One of the exciting things about this is that if a woman has not received six likes from a man, the application will still attempt to find quality matches for them. We found that this is not the most comprehensive feature and often leads to many matches from far away places, which could be a problem if you don’t want to travel.

Basic Search Features

There are some filters that you can use to create searches. You can filter on a base of age, gender, height, ethnicity, distance, and religion. The amount of search features is small but pretty neat and tidy. Sometimes dating websites can offer way too many features and confuse users, but this is not one of them.

Advanced Search Features

Along with basic features also come more advanced ways of finding a match. When you opt for the premium service, you can receive insider information on bagel activity, such as how often your prospective partner sends the first message. You can also see everybody interested in you at the same time, allowing you to create instant matches with those people who have liked you. Another cool thing is that you can search to see when someone has read your messages so that you are never left guessing whether the person has seen what you had to say or not.

Advanced Search Features

The Matching process

If you’re wondering about how the matching process works, you can mainly search for your prospective partner based on different characteristics. If the limited amounts of available partners are too little for you, then you can upgrade using beans to search for more partners, plus it can also upgrade to a premium membership.

Getting in Touch With a Match

We found that one of the most exciting things about Coffee Meets Bagel dating sites is that members include free small icebreaker bits about themselves. These aren’t visible on a user’s profile, but instead, you view them when you get in touch with someone to encourage conversation.

Interface and Chat Features

One of the coolest things is that you can start chatting immediately, and it doesn’t matter who ends up sending the first message. However, it is somewhat limited because the child closes after seven days. There is also no option to extend, however, you can open an expired chat log if you get premium membership.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel a safe platform?

We are pleased to say that this is a safe platform to use. By no means is there any cause for concern when it comes to user safety.

Data Privacy and Protection

It is good to see that the website takes data privacy and protection seriously. We found that there is nothing to be concerned about in terms of these issues. Nobody will know your full name, your email, nor will this information be shared with any third parties that do business with the organization.

Are There Any Scam Profiles?

One slight disadvantage of this service is that it is not possible to see if all of the profiles are active, so there is some potential for fake profiles. However, the company has rolled out a feature to counteract against “ghosting” – this is where one person suddenly disappears without any excuse and is typical of scam profiles. In the premium version, you can see stats on a match’s last login and how often they usually reply, helping to rid the network of any scam mass-produced profiles. It’s no guarantee, but it’s a pretty neat feature.

How is it Moderated?

Other than the feature that we’ve explained, it is reassuring to see that the company has a strict code of conduct. They will instantly remove somebody’s profile if they post obscene material or make threats to other users. Because the website uses Facebook information, this is an excellent way of making sure that there are fewer scam profiles than on other dating sites that don’t use Facebook information.

How is it moderated?

Help and Support

When conducting a test on the customer service side of things, we found that the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app performed rather well in countering our questions by email. They also have a Zen desk website that is pretty useful for getting answers to questions quickly, such as how to edit the profile, what are beans, and much more.

Website usability

You can expect a lot more detailed profile information in terms of the interface than with other popular dating applications. The website makes it useful for when you want a starting point of conversation. However, when extensively searching Coffee Meets Bagel reviews, we found that it is quite easy to fake these fields. The organization has admitted that there is not much that they can do about fraudsters exaggerating their level of education or some other dubious text. One cool feature we found this that members can poll two different profile photos and have the community cast a vote about which one is the best.

Is There a Coffee Meets Bagel App Available?

Because all of the action happens within the company’s mobile app, the website does rather minimal in terms of function and design. After being presented with a link to iOS and Android downloads, you can enjoy everything via your smartphone. There is also a version compatible with your desktop. However, we found that it is not as comfortable as the mobile phone and has some minor issues in terms of user experience design.

Is there a Coffee Meets Bagel app available?

Membership options

Dating websites often give you thanks for free and then expected to pay for more. You can try this company for free by creating a free account. What can you expect to receive once you are a member?

Coffee Meets Bagel Free Version

In terms of membership, you can get a lot out of the features for free users. Here is some of what you can expect:

  • Well-designed mobile application
  • Profile creation
  • Browsing profiles of potential matches
  • Text messaging, once connected
  • Free beans

Premium Features

There are some advantages to the premium account; for instance, you get access to the following:

  • An activity report on your matches
  • 6000 beans a month
  • Viewing when another user reads your messages
  • Options to engage with a prospective match in the form of a “woo.”
  • You can view your mutual friends for every match
  • When you make a purchase, you get 15% more beans

Coffee Meets Bagel Pricing Options

We found this website to have an average price if you’re looking for cheap options such as beans. However, premium membership is a little pricey, coming in at US$34.99 a month and a 12-month subscription dropping down to US$15 a month. In terms of beans, they are relatively cheap. You can buy 100 for just US$1.99 and US$24.99 for 3000, which we found was a pretty competitive price.

If you want to collect beans, not only can you purchase them online, but you can also carry out some simple tasks such as carrying out a Coffee Meets Bagel login every day for a week or following their online Instagram website. You can also get free beans by doing some fun activities such as inviting your friends to join all voting on which photos are preferable in the Photo Lab section.

Cancelling Coffee Meets Bagel subscription and deleting your profile

When we looked into how to delete the Coffee Meets Bagel account, it is a quick and straightforward process. Firstly you have an option to put the account on hold when you click on the settings section. After you click this, you will be able to delete your account permanently. The whole process shouldn’t take you longer than a minute. No-fuss at all!



When taking into account all the different features of this app and the website, we can say that it is pretty comprehensive, and Coffee Meets Bagel delivers in terms of functionality. The app is relatively simple to use, and although we would prefer a more extensive choice of matches for free, you do get a lot of options when you opt for paid features. The choice of in-app currency, beans, is a smart choice and does work well on a user experience level. Even though we found that there were still quite a few fake profiles, the app nonetheless provided a substantial matching experience, and the algorithms worked well to suggest potential matches. We were impressed with the app on the whole.

If you are looking for a quick fling, this isn’t going to be the appropriate application for you. However, it is the right choice for any busy young professional who is looking for a serious relationship. The website has some exciting features, as well as an engaged audience. We hope that you’ve taken our Coffee Meets Bagel review on board and know just how to use Coffee Meets Bagel – best of luck!

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