Fitness Singles Review – Find a Partner to Share Your Healthy Lifestyle With

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Nowadays, millions of people feel lonely. They are looking for a partner or a good friend who can share their love for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Singles is a specialized dating site designed to find exciting people who will keep each other motivated to go to the gym together, inspire to try a new kind of sport and reach higher challenges. Fitness Singles is a well-known dating community for single and active people all around the globe. If a dynamic lifestyle is not just a fashion to you, consider joining it. This site is the right destination for people who make sport and regular training their top priority.

Fitness Singles has been recognized by plenty of famous TV shows, such as USA Today and Good Morning America. The site is happy to welcome all new members. The only condition to join the community is to have a real passion for fitness, outdoor exercise, and sports. An eye-catching image of smiling people jogging together against a lovely ocean background is the first thing you will notice on the homepage. Fitness Singles is the biggest site of its kind, with more than two million users.

Fitness Singles – Type Of Users

Fitness Singles – Type Of Users

The Fitness Singles site was created and presented to the online audience in 2003. This dating service established itself as the top community for active fitness fans. In our modern world fitness plays an essential role in the lives of millions of people. That is why such a dating niche appeared and was a great success. The number of users is incredibly huge. People use the site to share their common passion and interest in fitness, yoga, jogging, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and other healthy activities.

Officially, Fitness Singles is considered a dating service. However, there is not only romance. The majority of people join the community of fitness enthusiasts for a simple reason – to find new mates to go to the gym. It is better to do sports with those who share your interests. People who are searching for real love but want to make relationships more original and up-to-date find Fitness Singles a perfect option. If you are tired of drinking coffee and going to the cinema during your first date, you should try the site. You will get so much inspiration and positive emotions from it.

You do not have to pay to join the site and set up a user’s profile. You only have to provide general information, which is a universal rule for all dating services. Do not forget to mention your preferences: age, physical type, and habits. After providing general details, you have to describe the physical activities you do regularly. Share what you like; for example, dancing, bodybuilding, baseball, racing, etc. Do not forget to indicate your current level.

To make your profile complete, you must provide your real, adequate photos. Note that all images get reviewed by a professional Quality Assurance Team. All Fitness Singles profiles get examined to make the community safe and comfortable for active individuals. We recommend you to check the rules to avoid rejections of your profile. When you upload photos, they get reviewed within 24 hours.

Users can track all interactions on the site via the “Connections” page. There you have access to the information, such as who checked your profile, who saved it, who sent you a message, etc. If you like some profiles, do not forget to save them. These profiles can get lost, and you will have to spend time finding them back.

How should you start communicating with someone you are interested in? The best way is to press the “Show Interest” button. People who feel confident enough and want to make the beginning of interaction more personalized, should press “Email” and compose an engaging message.

The best thing about Fitness Singles is that it promotes active dating. Young and single people meet up to share physical activities, such as tennis, jogging, yoga, or swimming. Plenty of couples build serious relationships on the site. Be sure to check out all the matching options.

Who Will Like Fitness Singles?

Everyone who is active and adventurous will like the Fitness Singles site principles. It is an online space to find fitness buddies. You can meet a sporty person with sound health and a fit body and build a long-term romantic connection. This dating site connects active singles from the US, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and other countries.

The community includes more than 2 million fitness fans. You can meet health-conscious adult men and women who are interested in finding a life partner with shared values. There are also users in their 40’s/50’s who still do not lose hope to find a love partner. It is such a pleasure to see athletic and sporty people altogether. You will easily find your partner, who will be your best fitness buddy, trainer, and life motivator. After registering at Fitness Singles, get ready to make a massive difference in your life. It is your chance to build successful relationships.

Signing Up At Fitness Singles

Signing Up At Fitness Singles

You will face no problems in accomplishing the signup process, which is easy and fast. The site works as a collective dating community. That is why you have to write your username, unique password, and valid email address. The site asks some questions about your personality and preferences. If you are not ready to answer them, you can choose the option “Rather Not Say.” Do not forget to mention the minimum of three sports activities that you do regularly.

How To Make New Contacts?

Every member has access to the Search tool. You do not have to pay to search for users by usernames. You can track who has just registered at the site, and who is online right now. If you use a paid version, you get access to “Custom Search” and “Basic Search” options. The site has a chatroom. However, you can enjoy the instant messaging feature only if you have purchased a subscription plan. A subscription plan allows you to send instant messages/emails and view images of members. When you use the search tool, try applying filters to make the search results more accurate.

The only disappointing thing is the lack of mobile apps. However, paid users are allowed to register their smartphones and get SMS notifications when a Fitness Singles member sends them a message. Every user can be blocked or deleted altogether.

Profile Quality On The Fitness Singles Site

The section with Fitness Singles profiles is informative and very detailed compared to other dating sites. You can see profile photos, as well as some additionally uploaded photos. The user interface is stylish and intuitive. All images are of high quality. It is nice to see what sports skills users have. Note that you can modify your profile anytime. Even free members have the chance to see profile images and read the general information to feel if you will get along.

It is a good thing that the site checks all profiles because it proves that the majority of members are legitimate. Users can update, modify, and edit all the information. The service focuses on members who have an active lifestyle, practice sports, go to gyms, and organize various outdoor activities. Other members can track these skills and levels of professionalism in various fields. For example, if you are a fan of jogging, you can try to find a jogging buddy on Fitness Singles. It is an opportunity to create secure connections with new people and lose extra weight at the same time.

Fitness Singles Website Design And Usability

The layout of Fitness Singles looks stylish and minimalistic. New users do not see overwhelming graphic content or advertisements in the background. The philosophy of the site is the following: “Less is more.” You get focused on peoples’ profiles and not on design entities. Besides, a white background is more healthy for the eyes, as it is easier to read the text. The developer applies a widely-used font that is pleasant to read. All sections with available features can be accessed fast. Also, the most significant advantage of Fitness Singles is that it does not bother members with advertisements. The functionality of the site is excellent. Even beginners face no problems dealing with this dating service. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, every user can get access to the functions quickly. You will not find games, as people look for something more active than sitting on a sofa in front of the screen. The site is fantastic in terms of interacting with people on a personal level.

Fitness Singles Website Design And Usability

What Are The Prices At Fitness Singles?

Everyone can decide whether to use the site for free or get a premium membership.

  • 1 Month: 39.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 21.99 USD per month
  • 6 Months: 14.99 USD per month
  • 12 Months: 9.99 USD per month

Many users wonder if Fitness Singles is expensive to use. We have compared this dating service to others and can assure you that the prices are average.

Members can use the following payment options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Direct Debit
  3. PayPal
  4. Cheque

As the figures show, you can save almost 50% if you subscribe to the 3-month membership. If you want to use the site on a long-term basis, we recommend you to upgrade to a 12-month plan and save around 75%. Your subscription plan gets renewed automatically. If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to make the request one day before the renewal date.

The Main Pros Of Fitness Singles

It is a reliable dating service which offers a lot of specialized features. These features aim to make your experience positive, fun, and beneficial. The most powerful feature is the search mechanism. However, you can use the additional “Top25” feature, which displays the most popular and active users on the site. It is a chance to get to know individuals whose profiles are the most interesting and, therefore, the most viewed. There is another exciting feature called “Show Interest.” It allows you to express your sincere interest to an individual member. You just have to press “Show Interest” on the profile, and send a brief message to interact.

Fitness Singles will suit the needs of people with an active lifestyle. We are lucky to have this dating service, which helps people who share an active lifestyle and sports interests. When you use targeted services, you narrow your search and increase your chances of finding a partner or a fitness buddy.

Advantages Of Fitness Singles:

  • Members share common fitness-related interests
  • You do not get bored with display advertisements
  • Excellent mobile site

Negative Sides Of Fitness Singles:

  • It is a dating niche with limited choices
  • They have limited chatting features. Video chats could improve interactions between users.
  • A mobile application is not available


These days, more and more people choose an active lifestyle. It is fashionable to have a beautiful and fit body. Such results can only be achieved if you do sports regularly. However, it is not easy to stay motivated when you are alone on this journey. That is why we recommend you to try the services of Fitness Singles to find a potential gym partner. Do not hesitate to sign up and find a person with a fit body, clear mind, and a dynamic lifestyle. All members share the same interest and have many things in common. Because of this, it is not difficult to start a conversation and meet in real life. The only thing you should not forget is that there are certain restrictions. Your account is reviewed, so if you refuse to follow the rules, your profile will not be approved if the results of the screening process are not satisfactory. You should avoid providing photos or any kind of false, misleading personal information if you want to continue using the services of Fitness Singles. You should take such restrictions positively because such a professional evaluation is the only guarantee to meet legit members. Even though most of the advanced features are available to premium users, free version users still have very high chances to meet friendly singles. Join the site and be ready to meet a lot of exciting people with the same interests. If you still hesitate whether to join Fitness Singles, just imagine the following situation. You work hard in the fitness studio, you push your limits, and then you feel every muscle, want to stop and go back home. Your new Fitness Singles friend will not let you give up. They are people who will motivate you to keep going. Such support is precious!